Top 6 Problems of MLM Home Based Business Opportunities!

Your primary responsibility in MLM is selling products. Examples of products you may sell are health supplements, vitamins, herbal drinks, satellite dishes, etc. This is done by using independent distributors who you recruit. These independent distributors build and manage their own sales force. This is done by recruiting, motivating, supplying, and training others to sell products. The distributors’ compensation includes their own sales and a percentage of the sales of their downline (sales group).

So what’s the deal with MLM? Is it just hype or can you truly get rich quick? Read on for the truth you must know about MLM.

The first problem, you won’t have the temperament for it: You have to be “up” and excited 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to do well at MLM. In order to successfully lead your team (downline) you have to be a neurotically “positive thinker.” At least this is what your upline will tell you. They expect you to never get upset, never to say anything bad about another…whatever you do remember to suppress your emotions. That is what they will tell you. Your team and your upline will count on you to always be Mary Poppin’s no matter how bad things get. Practice your fake grin; you’re going to need it!

The second problem is that MLM requires you to attend too many meetings: You’ll despise all the meaningless meetings, being around people you don’t like, and investing a bunch of time dealing with every incalculable annoyance you can think of. If you have a day job this can really be a problem. You think you have no spare time now? Wait until you are sitting in someone’s basement at 11pm at night on a Wednesday listening to the same “Plan” you’ve heard a thousand times before.

The third problem is that recruiting people will become like a second job: Your friends, family, neighbors, and complete strangers will get tired of you begging them to become a member of something or asking them to buy something. You will become emotionally fatigued from all of their rejections and dealing with the natural capriciousness of human beings.

The fourth problem, simply put, is fatigue: You’ll get worn out due to overexertion from recruiting people and maintaining your other business affairs. Every weekend you used to spend relaxing and recuperating from your crappy, draining 9 to 5 job will be spent doing stupid MLM related stuff.

The fifth problem is the unpredictable nature of distributors you will be associated with: You’ll get sick of companies shutting down and folding up on you.

The sixth problem is constant frustration: You will be constantly grumpy and tired due to fatigue and lack of sleep. Yet you are expected to be “bright and shiny,” happy and enthusiastic all the time. These unrealistic expectations finally will wear you down completely.

There have been thousands of people who have fallen victim of MLM scams. There are legitimate companies out there offering real work at home opportunities for those interested. Unfortunately, home based business scams are at an all time high. So, if you are planning on trying MLM, use common sense and the guidelines above to avoid falling victim to these infamous scams!